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Disney Institute is a unit of Koyikel group of Institutions run and managed by Koyikel Educational Trust, Kulasekharam, Kanyakumari District. Koyikel Educational Trust started at the Disney Insititute at Kannumamoodu since 2006. Disney branches are in Vettuvenni, Marthandam and Arasamoodu, Kulasekharam. The Institute are affiliated to BSS(NDA) Established in 1952 by Planning Comission,Goverment of India. and National Council of Vocational and Research Training(NCVRT), New Delhi.

Our Institutes caries out numerous function activities. As a part of its Total Employment Training for total Development it imparts training in various courses. The institutes are Co-educational institutes providing training and education in the field of Hospitality Industry, Fashion Technology, Fire and Safety ,Medical Lab Technician, Beautician and Computer Education. The Disney Institutes is avowed to employ a system of educating people in a community or society, imparting knowledge through instruction courses, training classes, and user in new training & teaching methodologies by the support of modern Technology. The objective is to teach courses that deal with A to Z of basic needs like Food, Safety, Paramedical & Fashion Diploma, Certificates and fellowships for educational programmes of various durations would be awarded by the academy at the end of successful completion of the course. Importance to practical training would be of utmost importance definitely necessitating smaller number of students per class and longer duration of courses. Both Distance education programme and residential form of education would be imparted.


Most of the teaching and training is planned to take place at the main campus of the Academy. If some corporate houses require our programme to be conducted in a place other than our campus, the same can be considered. We are at present doing a training course for most of the Schools and Colleges in KK District. Our team would travel out to impart knowledge. Disney has been engaged in preparing students to make successful careers for almost a decade. Along the way, we have developed our own way of doing things. Things that our students like and things that the employers's like & appreciate too


Some of the basic and fundamental courses shall be conducted by E-Education methodology. However for the practical and hands on training the facilities at the Star Hotels and the respective industries are utilized as per the prior permission.


Hospitality, Safety, Paramedical & Fashion.Industry are likely to expand exponentially. A candidate trained at the Disney Institute would be at an advantage for having gained a certificate, besides having gained greater practical knowledge and skill.